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This is a life changing platform. With just one thousand naira, we can become a millionaire.
That is why this platform was created for genius who understand the concept of chain reaction. One thousand naira in a solution of healthy economy can be uplited to one million naira. This is the concept of NAIRALIFT.
Is just a thousand naira, some people will say, they did not realize that the deadly atomic bomb which is minute in quatity just like our 1k undergoes vigorous chain reactions to cause the damages it is known for.

You have the option to relax or speed up your stage 0 by inviting friends through your referral link.
You can share them on social media or with family and friends.
NOTE: You will benefit from other members when there is spillover. This means when a sponsor downliners are completed, any referral(spillover will be roll to other members. But you don"t want any delay, so you should speed up by sharing your link
After stage 0, The rest of the process will be handle by our chain reaction and yours is just to smile while your one thousand naira explode to a million naira.

Stage 0: Donate one thousand naira to your upline. After confirmation, you will be upgraded to stage 1 and eligible to receive one thousand naira from four other members
Stage 1: After receiving donations from your four downline, you will be match with an annonymous upline to make a donation of two thousand naira, thereafter upgrade to stage 2 
Stage 2: you get N8,000 and donate N4,000 
Stage 3: you get N16,000 and donate N8,000 
Stage 4: you get N32,000 and donate N16,000 
Stage 5: you get N64,000 and donate N32,000 
Stage 6: you get N128,000 and donate N64,000 
Stage 7: you get N256,000 and donate N128,000 
Stage 8: you get N512,000 and donate N256,000 
Stage 9: you get N1,024,000 and ROLL OUT 
That is the power of N1,000. With just N1,000, We can become a millionaire and it has just been proven.

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