Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Valentine Spillover Get 65% interest on

Donationhub is an online community where people help each other financially.

Donationhub is the most reliable mutual aid/ donation platform in the world and has produced several 
millionaires since its inception in Septembr 2016.

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How to Donate
Complete online registration form with full details, contact number in international format and an accessible email then wait to get a confirmation link in your email. When your donationhub account is confirmed, go ahead and login with your user name and password. then  continue to login and complete your profile include your naira account details

Once you get to your dashboard,  set up your bank information in Naira then go to Make Donation ,you will see  two options, Instant andScheduled available for long and short term donation, choose scheduled donation to get 65% interest, you may split or make full donation of amount displayed to you .Click on donate, and then Go to Outstanding Donation , Enter the amount you want to reserve in dollars(you will see the naira equivalent) then go to Outgoing transaction to see you are to donate to.  Call the recipient to make quick payment, and as soon as the funds is transferred, go to your outgoing transactionand click paid then call the receiver to confirm you.

Once you make donation, you are automatically scheduled to receive donation from other people.

Please note that you have only 15 hours to make payment, you can reserve up to 3 times, and the list comes out every 30 minutes for Scheduled.

For more information on donationhub, call  2348134068447

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