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Nnn-office | Nnn Nigeria Tutorials - All You Need To Know

As you have read NNN means National Net Navro. It is a donation platform where one gives help and get help too. You Provide Help today and get help in 21days with 35% growth on it. For example, you donate 100k today, someone donates 135k to you after 21days. NOTE: You don't have to refer anyone to get your donation.
Your Account:

Before you start using the system, you must register and provide valid email and phone and contact details. The Account name and number are expected to be yours either company account or individual's you are expected to use a commercial bank account, not the other bank that is not available in all states.

You must add at least two account numbers 
and you cannot delete or change them for security reasons. Add two so that no hacker can enter your dashboard and take your money. If you want to change your account number write to support, if you dont have two account numbers add the same account number twice to lock your account area security.

How to Donate on NNN Nigeria

1. On the dashboard, you click on Donate enter the amount you want to donate in denomination of 500, max of 500k. You can see it in your donations and in your Matches

2. You wait few days to be matched with a participant that wants to getHelp. Once the matching is done, you will get a mail notification. This mail might fail sometimes and you will not blame the internet or our Ai.

3. You log on to the portal and click on my donations, you have been matched with at least one participant, click on Open to view them click on detail on each one where you will see the participant's name and bank detail.. Click on "I accept to Donate" (very important before you pay). Or you might decide to click on "I Reject to Donate" where your account will be suspended you will be deleted forever and ever! And all your family members will becomes suspects on NNN-- Am sure you do not want to do this to them... And you have two working days to complete the payment proccess. If after two days and you have not paaid, be sure to ask the Receiver to extend your time and must have Accepted to pay if not the Ai will delete your matching...

4. Once you are done paying, get back to the portal and in your donation submit your Proof of Payment(POP), it is not compulsary to scan your payment slip.. Ensure your Receiver verifies the payment within 24hrs.

5. If you are calling the receiver and they are not picking call, forget them, go ahead and make your payment and scan your POP and upload.

6. Once your receiver has confirmed your payment, you will not see it on your donations, you can only see it on your Matches, click on Matches at the left..

Please don't donate or Get help more than 20 times at a time....

How to Withdraw on Nnn Nigeria

1. Before you withdraw, you must have donated. All your donation and the percentages and your bonuses of all kinds are credited to your navros, you must withdraw them from your navros to your wallet before you get help..

2. Click on Navros
 at the left. All your Credited Navros are frozen for two weeks, after which you can withdraw but its best you wait till 21 days for the navros to complete.. If your Navros complete after 21 days and you fail to withdraw: Nothing will happen, it will just remain there untill you decide to withdraw.

3. For the navros you wish to withdraw, click on Withdraw, it will be added to your wallet and you can see it at the top..

4. To get help then come back to homepage after clicking on withdraw, you click on GetHep and enter the amount to GetHelp. Then you wait to be matched with donors... Be sure to verify the payment at yourGetHelp dashboard once the donor pay and you verify.. If the donor do not want to pay, kindly ask them to click on "I refuse to donate".

5. If the donor uploaded fake POP, kindly call the donor and ask for fixing... If they continue to be a goat, quickly write to support to block their account and match you with another participant..

Account Termination: How to get your Account Suspended

No body can suspend your account. The Ai suspends account in one reason only, if you refuse to donate when matched. If you are not interested in participating, its better you do not register, do not come to NNN to play around.. Your name will be listed in our blog as one of the non sincere individuals in the country. Your countrymen will find it difficult to support you both politically and otherwise. If you are matched to donate you are given two working days to complete the task. If you want to buy more time, kindly click on "I agree to pay" else your account will be suspended after two working days automatically.

To buy more time, always call your receiver to be patient once you have clicked on "I accept to pay" you cannot keep hold till 3 more days after you accept to pay (if you still did not pay the system will suspend you forever and ever.) If you account is suspended definitely because you refused to participate, and you want to come back to the system again, you will write your "Letter of Apology". This Letter you must state why your account was suspended and post it on NNN participants Community(Facebook, whatsapp, etc). You will get a screen shot of Participants accepting you back, find a way to deliver this screen shot to NNN support...

Finally, if you are accepted, you will pay a fine of N1,000.00 and you can never get first time bonus again.....

1. *Registration Bonus*
*For Naira*
- You get N5,000 registration bonus if you put N25,000 and above
- You get N25,000 naira bonus if you put N200,000 and above
- You get N50,000 naira if you put N1,000,000 naira and above

For Bitcoin
- You get $20 if you donate from $50 to $499
- You get $50 if you donate from $500 to $2999
- You get $100 if you donate from $3000 and more

2. Referral Bonus
- You get 10%

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