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How To Get Etisalat Free 1GB Data Offer

Blazing hot, here  is the Etisalat free 1Gb imei 2017, which doesn't need a VPN application to be used, it powers all Applications and runs well as normal subscriptions.

About Etisalat Free 1GB For 1 Month 2017
   The Etisalat Free 1GB works perfectly on all devices, with a validity of 1 month, but can only be made available to any SIM card using an Android smartphone. The Etisalat Feee 1GB requires the tweaking of your device imei, which require some third party applications.

How To Get Etisalat 1GB For Free 2017
   With the help of the third party applications, you'd be able to get the Etisalat 1GB for free, which powers all applications and doesn't require any VPN applications.

Etisalat 1GB IMEI 2017
   Imei numbers are always of 15 digits, either displayed at the back of your SIM card or the unique one for your device usually on any phone battery and the inner layer.

  Get Etisalat 1GB Freely For 1 month
 Follow the instructions bellow strictly to avoid delay in getting your Etisalat 1GB For Free.

Requirements for Etisalat free 1gb imei
====> Download IMEI Analyzer

====> Analyze the below IMEI numbers

====> 352790086530*** or 352790086532***

===> Teak the above IMEI numbers

====> Dial *#*#3646633#*#* to access MTK Engineering Mode on your Smartphone

====> Change the imei of your phone to the one you just created (using imei analyzer) or any other imei changer for android

====> Reboot your device or enable and disable airplane mode to restart your network

====> After that, go to your phone's dialer and dial the below universal data pin

====> *8186 *092840413028038# (10-20 times)

====> You should now receive a text message

 Congratulations your free smartphone 1GB has bee successfully activated, data is valid till 08/03/2017.

====> If you get a Not Eligible Response Kindly Retweak your IMEI till you are given.

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If you encounter any issue getting your free Etisalat 1GB for 1 month,  kindly leave us a comment we'll help you get yours.



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