Thursday, 23 February 2017

How To Browse Facebook For Free On Etisalat Nigeria

Etisalat Nigeria has launch another new platform for all subscribers to browse Facebook for free. This first to initiate this was Airtel (called Facebook Flex), Some months ago back then when Facebook owner Mark Zukerberg partner with Airtel for countries across the Africa Continent to enable people have browse Facebook at no cost and also without internet privileges. Etisalat also did the same but not announced officially yet, I notice this while browsing on Facebook and I was given an option to use data or Go free. One Good thing about Free Facebook for etisalat is that Personal profile pictures do display but not all unlike Airtel that doesn't at all.

I have access it through various browser like Google chrome, uc browser, puffin, Operamini e.t.c. All am not certain about Etisalat is that can it be used to browse other site? and is it
similar to the freebasics for Airtel to browse Wikipedia,,, jobberman, nairaland e.t.c for free. Let wait and see how and what free Facebook on etisalat entails when it will be announced.

One thing is that if Etisalat is going to launch freebasics like Airtel by launch their own freebssic app, this will be more better and also faster as Etisalat network is Very good across Nigeria.

How To Browse Facebook For Free On Etisalat Nigeria  

You can just visit or better still or alternatively you can visit free facebook mode page on your browse by clicking on the direct link . Make sure you have switched on your Etisalat Data Connection before visiting those links or urls. 



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