Saturday, 11 February 2017 Get 200% of Your Investment is a mutual aid fund, a peer to peer donation platform. In you get back 200% of investment. You provide help of ₦10,000 & GetHelp of ₦20,000.

How It Works

  • 1. Register on the website "" or use a participant's referral link.
  • 2. Enter the Dashboard by signing in.
  • 3. There will be a big buttons “Create New Help Line”.
  • 4. If you want to provide help, click “Create New Help Line”.

    a. Once a HELP LINE is created you are matched to pay somebody(₦10,000). Also, a text message is sent to the phone number with which you registered to inform you that you have been matched.

    b. You can create only 10 HELP LINEs. 

    c. Once a HELP LINE is created and the necessary payment confirmed, that HELP LINE is matched to get 200% of initial help provided. A text message is also sent to this effect. 2 persons are matched to pay this HELP LlNE, 10,000NGN each.

    d. This HELP LINE becomes eligible to AUTOMATICALLY be paired to start receiving 200% of PH amount. There is no need to click on CREATE HELP LINE again(as you will be matched automatically from time to time), UNLESS you have the intention to operate multiple HELP LINEs.
  • 5. There is a referral bonus of 20% (₦2,000) on every referral & this is only on the first help provided by the referral. This bonus is requested for, by clicking the "Withdraw" button in the "Referral Line" section of the dashboard. All requests are made in multiples of ₦10,000 for ONLY confirmed transactions. You can always check your Referral Line.
  • 6. There is no central account in All payments are made directly between participants. connect these participants & help them earn.
  • 7. Basic Steps:
    You get matched.
    A text message is sent to your phone containing the details of the transaction.
    Ensure you go online to confirm the details of the transaction. 
    Call the person you were matched to, to be sure He/She would be able to confirm you within 6 hours before making any payments.Then transfer the money to that participant. 
    Call to ensure you get confirmed.
    After your confirmation, You get matched to receive payment from 2 participants within a time limit of between a few hours to 14 days. You also receive a text message to this effect.

    Remember a 6th time PHer, 11th time PHer, 16th time PHer(after every 5 helps received). There is need for a referral.
  • 8. Failure to get confirmed within 6 hours leads to a REMATCH. Another participant is paired to the person that requires help & the person Providing Help is paired to another participant. But in the situation that you have paid & you are yet to be confirmed. You can use the I HAVE PAID button to pause your timer, so you are not REMATCHED. Note: 2 rematches on the part of the person providing help leads to account being blocked & the person is referred to support.
    • 9. Matching takes place 24/7. Registration can be any time. Confirmation is from the time of matching till 6 hours after. 10.For ALL transactions, ensure that an alert is received BEFORE confirmation is done. Confirming without getting an alert is at your own risk. 11. INTERNET/ MOBILE BANKING is a core requirement for participation on the platform BECAUSE matching takes place even after banking hours. Also ensure you get alert notifications, you have an active working phone & you have access to the internet.



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