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*Important Message from Claritta*
Welcome to Your Claritta Account

The Claritta website was recently the target of a massive Denial of Service Attack apparently launched by a few unscrupulous members of the Ultimate Cycler Network. Their purpose in attacking our Community was to prevent Claritta from completely siphoning members away from Ultimate Cycler, but thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Claritta members who selflessly gave of their time and expertise, they were unable to completely bring down the website, and in addition to this, the Claritta website has been moved to a Dedicated, High Speed, DDoS-Proof Website Hosting Service. 

We the Claritta technical team are extremely grateful to those Claritta members who freely and happily gave of their time, knowledge, and expertise towards ensuring that the Claritta website stayed online, and who insited on and assisted in moving the Claritta Website to a more capable Hosting Service. Thank you and May God Bless You.

Claritta is back✌✌✌

How Claritta Works

Claritta is a Member-to-Member Donation and Referral Platform. 

You donate N1,500 to a Fellow Claritta Member, and in 7 days time you'll be matched with 4 Claritta Members who will donate N1,500 each to you with 1-7 days. 

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How Claritta Works:

✅Become a Claritta member by registering on the website.

✅You (together with 2 other members) will be automatically matched with an existing Claritta member.

✅You donate N1,500 to that member you've been matched with, and your Claritta account will be instantly activated, and you'll be able to refer people to

✅You can make up to 3 donations at the same time, and for each N1,500 donation you make, Claritta matches you in 1 week's time with 4 members who donate N1,500 each to you. If you make 2 donations (of N1,500 each), then in 7 days time you'll get matched with 8 people who will pay you N1,500 each (making N15,000 in total). Donate N1,500, Get N6,000 in 7 days time. Donate N1,500 twice, get N12,000 in 7 days time. Donate N1,500 three times, get N18,000 in 7 days time.

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