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BlogNigeria Referral System - Earn 35,000 Naira Daily For Life

MMM did this !!, twinkas said that..., ultimate cycler has crashed!!, joyful donor is a scam!!, paydoubler is dead!!, where is Icharity? ,i have lost all my money to ponzi schemes$$ , all new ponzi PH to GH scheme as from January 2017 are scams !!!!!! .

The above were the comments we gathered from Nigerians Few days ago. And here was my reply ;
"Of course, what did you expect, as they are called,"ponzi" ,gambling, try your luck. they are all bound to fail sooner or later and if you are not lucky, your money will be flying in an unknown land"

[Image: atm-cash.jpg]

Ok Bloggers, We have heard you. and here comes the solution .
BlogNigeria is an online forum like Nairaland, Guruslodge, where users register and post and receive latest updates of news and events around the world.
First of all, I Recommend you to see Everything you need to know about this organisation called BlogNigeria here,
when you are done reading that, then lets do some business talks.


The answer is simple, Because we are not a ponzi scheme, if you have read this, then you must have known. We cant engage you in a peer to peer donation because it is gambling and bound to crash someday. Yes, We have created something that your children and next generation can benefit from if you take it seriously. if you have filled out the withdrawal form then you must have seen a section for your next of kin details . In summary, Blognigeria is an organisation that pay Nigerian Bloggers For Writing Quality Articles and tutorials as a part time job.


we have notice that some Nigerians Love to Explore Their marketing strategies, and referral skills, which will add much more to the cash they earn by blogging, if you are one of them,then key in and  lets get started, if not, you can still earn by posting articles and answering questions, 
so lets be brief, what is  the deal,

Am In, How Do i Participate ?

You Are to Upgrade Your Normal Blognigeria account to a Referral  premium member Account For 5000 Naira ( one time fee for life )

Must I Pay To Participate ?

No, You can participate without paying, just get your referral link and do your work with it, but the first two members ( premium upgraded ) you refer will be used to upgrade you , then you can earn your cash on the rest till forever.

How Much do i Earn per Member i Refer ?

The main Deal, Its a whooping sum of 3,500 Naira per member you refer, That is to say, if you can post your referral link anywhere that will give you just 10 members a day, then you would be earning 35,000 naira daily (3,500x10)  and 1,085000 Naira monthly ( 35,000x31), which legit ponzi referral pays like this? 

How To Get My Referral Link ?

Once you have registered ( if not registered click here ) ,  click here to copy your referral link.

How Do I Make The Payment Of 5000 Naira ?

click here for instructions on making payment for premium referral upgrade

How Do I Withdraw My Earnings ?

For Each Of your referred Members (Premium upgraded members ) , we will credit your blognigeria account with 3500 BN-BTC which is same as 3500 Naira, you can easily withdraw your cash to your bank account  by Clicking here

Referrals : you can see the total number of members you refer in your user control panel , but we will keep you informed of those that upgraded and pay you even without you knowing, though you can request for the details to be certain.

If you have the referral instinct, why not make some cool cash, remember also that BlogNigeria pays for writing articles .

Have i missed out anything, use the comment box to ask, again, below is my referral link Just  in case you want to register through me




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