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Top Best Android Screen Recorder App To Record Screen Activity

Most phone users are now making use of Android gadgets because of the simplicity and the ease of operating it. Android phones mainly performs most of the functions a PC can do like using of Microsoft Office, printing of documents, file sharing, surfing the net, screen recording, video chats and lots more. You can get all the fun you simple need at your finger tips with your Android smartphones or tablets. 

Recording screen activities has been a major problem for Android users because they might be aware of the recommended apps to use to capture activities on your Android screen and record it. Recording screen activities might be for fun or for tutorial bases or for gaming session or business activities or lots more. Today, there are lots of video screen recording android apps but some of them hangs and are filled with annoying ads that you might regret downloading them. 
Best Android Screen Recorder
Not to worry, in this article I will list out top best Android screen recorder apps you need on you smartphone that would give you good quality video output and functions faster and runs smoothly when using.
Below are the lists of top Android screen recorder apps:

1. AZ Screen Recorder (No Root)

AZ Screen Recorder is one of my best Android screen recorder. It is simple to use, user friendly and runs smoothly on your Android smartphone. AZ screen recorder supports both video and audio screen recording making it easy to pass information and messages while recording your android screen event. This makes it very convenient to create tutorial, promotional video and record video chat and lots more. AZ Screen Recorder does NOT require root access to work, no time limit, no watermark, ad free and very easy to use with one action to start and stop recording. Over 5 million people have downloaded AZ screen recorder from Google play store.AZ Screen Recorder is one to try when seeking for good android screen recorder apps.

 2. SCR Screen Recorder

SCR Screen Recorder is also a good and reliant android screen recorder application. It records great quality screen casts and audio outputs directly from your phone or tablet. It makes use of an hardware accelerated video encoding to achieve best quality screen recording on any device. SCR Screen Recorder is simple and easy to use with a one click screen and video recording for your Android Smartphone. It also collects anonymous usage statistics to help track bugs, analyze how users use the app and correct available bugs in the application. It's perfectly simple and easy to use and has the ability to stop screen recording progress by pressing the power button off.

3. Mobizen Screen Recorder 

Mobizen is the top screen recorder I used when screen recording a phone tutorial I used to post on YouTube. Mobizen allows you Record game, videos, Edit your videos, and more to make you the best video creator around. It features a flexible settings to suite any device, allows you to create video's in full HD with the very best editing options and It’s completely FREE!. Currently over 10 million people downloaded mobizen screen recorder from the Google play store.

4. Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is a free unlimited screen capture app for recording your device's screen to video format. You can create promotional videos, make tutorials or record help videos complete with audio. No limit on recording time, Audio recording (Pro), Android Material theme, Show screen touches while recording, Shake or switch screen off to stop, Possibility to delay start of recording, Banner during recording (Pro). I also supports front camer while screen recording on your android device. Currently over 1 million people downloaded screen recorder from Google play store.

5. Rec. (Screen Recorder)

(Not to be confused with the previous REC screen recorder HD). Rec. is a beautiful screen recording app, providing unmetered, flexible and fully configurable screen recording capabilities for your Android device; neatly packaged into an intuitive user interface. Rec. Features a beautiful user interface, no more messing with the command line/terminal, save your favourite configurations as Presets, Automatically show screen touches for the duration of your recording. Currently over 5 million people downloaded Rec. from Google play store.

There are lots of other android screen recorders but these are the best I have tested and are working with any screen lack or low video format. If you know any other screen android recorder that was mentioned above, you can notify using the comment box



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