Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Top Android Apps Converting Voice To Text

Android smartphone can perform various operations like taking photos, playing games, audio transcription, video transcription, audio to text transcription, video to text, and lots more. Android users are searching for amazing apps that can do their day-to-day tasks easily. There are amazing apps that can convert voice to text. 
Convert Voice To Text

Top Android Apps Converting Voice To Text

Google voice search
Google voice search is one best way to convert video to text format. It's more like speech or audio. If you want to search for anything through Google search, you don’t have to type in the search box, use can use your voice using the Google Voice Search. The Google Voice Search will give you the search results for your voice input in a browser.

ShoutOut is a wonderful voice to text software. It is more like audio to text transcription. Whatever you input as voice, it will be converted to words by this application. It is very good for messaging services as it comes with dictation and voice addressing.

TalkBox voice messenger
TalkBox Voice Messenger is another voice to text software. Whatever you want to message them can be given as input through voice and this app will do the job for you. You don’t need to stress your stress by typing.

Vlingo virtual assistant
This is almost similar to Siri from iPhone. You can give simple voice commands like “Text Jane, Hello, how are you doing?” or “find best hotels in Lagos" etc and the Vlingo Virtual assistant will do the rest.

Evernote Voice-to-Text Extension
Evernote is an app that normally helps you take note. Evernote has gone ahead to add the feature of voice to text extension. So, you can record notes and it will automatically convert it into text.



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