Sunday, 22 January 2017

Somapay is Back Again

I have earlier written a post on how Somapay works.

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Join Somapay And Get Get Paid In 30 Minutes

Due to server overload, and low bandwidth, Somapay was temporary unavailable for some hours and that keep users panicking in Our Somapay Group. I had earlier explained to Xclusivetek users that Xclusivetek would be helped responsible for any money lost in this double money ponzi schemes and you are doing it at your risk.
Somapay had sent some message to some users that they are back online with link and no longer
Users can now login and signup on and start earning g double your money in less than 14 days.  Invest wisely.

Update and are the same website



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  1. Can someone add me to the somapy group if it's on whatsapp 07030842532 thanks.

    1. Go join the real somapay it's and better pls leave cashblaze dem be scam acting like somapay

  2. Plz someone shud add me on somapay wassap group,07062798373

  3. still the best

  4. Register and paid to someone since on the 23rd January 2017 but I did not get back my money. I don't know why


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