Wednesday, 18 January 2017

MMM Investment Scheme Increases from 30% to 40%

MMM participants in Nigeria received this news today with much jubilation. Few days ago, all account registered to this ponzi scheme (mmm investment scheme) were unfreezed, though many people didn't expect an increase In payment bonus.

Initially when you provide help you get 30% bonus plus the money you put into the system. and MMM Investment Scheme had really favored a lot of people.  Presently, it has been increased to 40%.

So you can see that you  get almost half of the money you put into the system without stress of working. Just sit back and watch your money grow.

The Ponzi Scheme MMM has over 3million registered users in Nigeria, and has continued rendering help to individuals.

Guess MMM participants are happy about the development. Well, enjoy. 



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