Sunday, 22 January 2017

Joyful donor Registeration-Login to joyful donor-Earn 200% within 30 minutes

Joyful donor is a new double platform which match its particpants under 30 minutes, after he or she pays directly into another participant’s bank account. With just 10,000 naira you can earn 20,000 naira under 30 minutes. 


  • The system is the first of its type that pays it member without any referral. It a Mutual Aid Programmed.
  • When a member registers free of charge, the member will have 24 hours (1 day) to donate a minimum of five thousand Naira to a member to be matched.
  • This is one time donation.Once you complete your donation, you will be matched with two other new members to donate same amount you donated to you.
  • Members are expected to introduce a new members to the opportunities we provide and they stand to benefit from our exceptional compensation plan. You don’t need to refer someone before you receive your money, but you receive extra bonus each time, immediately every single person comes to join you.

Sponsor Bonus

You get 5% from all donation of the participant you invited. Inviting new members into the Community is your additional contribution to its development. But nobody force the members of the Community to invite new participants. But at the same time, understanding that JOYFUL DONOR network can't exist without development and participants' encouragement in the form of referral bonuses motivate many people to take an active position.


For those interested 
Get 100% of your donation within 30minutes to 14 days duration 
You don't need to Refer anybody before you
receive your payment
You have to signup using any of there packages 

Donate N5,000
Receive N10,000

Donate N10,000
Receive N20,000

Donate N20,000
Receive N40,000

Donate N50,000
Receive N100,00

Donate N100,000
Receive N200,00

Joyfuldonor is a ponzi Scheme that can shut down any day. Xclusivetek would be held responsible for any loss of money. Invest wisely. 
You will b paired automatically once you join so u are advised to join only when u have d money
This works like Twinkas but pays faster with 5-15days. Don't dull 



Signup For Joyfuldonor NOW

For questions feel free to ask using the comment. 



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  1. Enter your comment...pls wats wrong? paid sum one since Friday last wk bt uptil nw I haven't bin paid.

  2. I paid someone since last week Thursday but up till now I have not been merged not to talk of payment, the position is no longer counting and it has been showing 24hrs left more than 2days ago. I really need some help please. Thank you.

  3. Same thing with me too, I av paid since Sunday and till now no merging nothing whatsoever, it's unbelievable. Admin come to our aids. Thanks

  4. scammers. i paid too but wasnt paid till now, i guess we have been scammed. wicked,evil people. nemesis will catch up with you people. lost 35k just like that.

  5. I also paid since 20th of this month but up till now have been seen waiting to be merge and am scared if my money is coming back to me because i saw it somewhere dt some pple wrote that joyful donor is scam hope is not true

  6. and i sent an e-mail to the e-mail address provided by joyful donor but just bouncing back

  7. joyful donor pls do something i need my money to pay school fees.thanks

  8. please i just logged into my account and am still seeing the people i was mergedvwith that did not pay what do i do.

  9. Please I just bought 2 packages at once hw will i cancel 1

  10. Please I paid my sponsor last 2weeks ago and he confirmed me. After few days letter it shows “waiting for confirmation“ I've tried to relate it to my sponsor but he said he cud not login to his acct. How do I get confirmed pls who is d admin of joyfuldonor

    1. Scammers. my 100k will vindicate you.

  11. hmmmmm. This is more crazy than i thought....this is not good at all....why should some one plan something he/she knows is not gonna work? this is just taking advantage of people who are sincere.....i saw this awhile ago on this page (DISCLAIMER
    Joyfuldonor is a ponzi Scheme that can shut down any day. Xclusivetek would be held responsible for any loss of money. Invest wisely.
    - See more at: but i dont know to connect the idea as to who is responsible for me not being merge after waiting and also the site closing up without any proper consideration to the thousands of people who have paid and are waiting to get their money back.

  12. Honestly,my heart beats to die despite the mmm shock, i was bluntly convinced as i paid in 100k into someones account on 20th Jan, till now, i am seeing waiting to be merge and am scared if my money really is coming back to me? if No,Defrauders will use more than 1m for treatment of no success or no return.


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