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How To Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number / SIM 2017

Use Whatsapp Messenger Without Phone Number 2017 

Today, we’ll discuss how would we Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number or SIM Card. Each individual has whatsapp account on their smartphone. As all of you realize that Whatsapp is most advantageous approach to send messages to your companions. Only one thing is necessity is that the other individuals must have their whatsapp account on their Smartphone. Brian Acton and Jan Koum are author of whatsapp, they both are representatives of yippee. They both are left their occupation in september 2017, one day they go for connected employment in Facebook yet they were rejected. They made an application that is Whatsapp its sound like “Whats up”. The application lunch in November 2009 on App store just for iPhone clients and in jan 2010 his new redesign for blackberry Smartphone , August 2010 for Android and In September 2011 it additionally bolster Windows Phone. In February 19, 2014 Facebook was procured it roughly US$ 19.3 Billion.

At present Whatsapp is good for each portable working framework available – Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone but will soon discontinue usage in some phones.


 The principle point is that now the time you can speak with any companion by means of whatsapp. In whatsapp you can send messages, voice messages, joins, pictures, recordings, areas to whatever other client. You can likewise make and oversee bunches. You can without much of a stretch include any individual your gathering and make him/her administrator moreover. As of late new overhaul of whatsapp adds end-to-end encryption. End-to-End encryption is guarded you and your companion discussion. Its 100% safe security and this wellbeing is imperative nowadays. In purpose of actuality is encryption will secure your discussions with a secret key which just you and other individual you are visiting with will have the capacity to see all the discussion.

You can utilize whatsapp without telephone number with this whatsapp hack or whatsapp trap. The encryption code is private that implies nobody will have the capacity to separate your discussion record without code. You need or not, it’ll consequently begin scrambling your messages. When you download the most recent adaptation, you’ll get a message which illuminates you that your discussions are currently end-to-end scrambled. You likewise have an alternative to examine a QR code. So you can utilize whatsapp for such a large number of uses. On the off chance that you would prefer not to make a whatsapp account on your Number then this article is suit for you. We show you how to make whatsapp account with fake number. Make fake record on whatsapp and make a trick with companions and different people groups.

How To Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number / SIM 2017

Step 1. If you are using wi-fi then turn on airplane mode. Otherwise skip this step.

Step 2. Now you need to download and install Whatsapp. If you already have a whatsapp account then go ahead.

Step 3. After installing you need to download “DingTone” Application for generate fake number.

Step4. Now install DingTone app and register your details (I advise you register with your phone number and not email address or fbk or twitter) 

Step 5. Once you register, click on GET Dingtone Phone Number and Select US or CA or UK. 

Step 6. Select Address either US, UK or Canada and not your address.

Step 7. Select the desired virtual phone number and before you can be given the virtual phone number (US, UK or CA) you have to buy it using 500 Dingtone credit. 

Step 8. Note down the number on any other device or page.

Step 9. Open whatsapp and fill the fake number that you get from Dingtone app.

Step 10. If you have already a whatsapp account then go to whatsapp setting and click on change my number. In the first option you need to fill your currently whatsapp number and country code. In second option fill fake number and USA country code “+1”. Then click okay.

Note– If you don’t have a whatsapp account then simply click on whatsapp and fill fake number.

Step11. Within a minute you’ll receive whatsapp confirmation code from whatsapp in DingTone app.

Step 12. Open the verification link or copy the code and paste in Whatsapp. 
You have successfully registered into Whatsapp Without Phone Number or SIM



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