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How To Register And Login At Nairapropeller

A mutual donation community where you propeller naira and get propelled with naira. Just saying! You make donation to someone, and you receive donations of 300% of the donation you made.
When a member registers free of charge, the member will have 24 hours (1 day) to donate a fixed amount of 10,000 Naira to a member to be matched. This is one time donation. Once you complete your donation, You will be matched with three members to donate the same amount you donated to you.
Members are expected to introduce other new members to the opportunities we provide and they stand to benefit from our exceptional compensation plan. You don't need to refer someone before you receive your money, but you receive extra bonus each time immediately every single person comes to join you.

You get 10% from all donation of the participant
you invited. Inviting new members into the
Community is your additional contribution to its
development. However, nobody forces the
members of the Community to invite new
participants. But at the same time, understanding
that NAIRA PROPELLER network can't exist
without participants' encouragement in the form
of referral bonuses is a key thing. For the
system longevity, refer as many people as
possible to earn more and keep the system

Naira Propeller Review

Good day guys naira propeller was launched today around 6pm on 29th January 2016 and i was told by a friend to register!!!
I can assure you its paying with 3-4hrs...Go register now.

👉👉👉Register For Naira Propeller

New and fast growing mutual donation community! PROPEL SOMEONE AND GET PROPRLLED! Life goes on!
300% Return In Naira Propeller, you get 300% of the donation you make. Donation is strictly restricted to N10,000 only.

Active Support
Support is always there to assist you. Issues related to donation and registration are attended to top priority issues to support.

No Referrals
Though there's a 10% referral bonus, getting a referral is not compulsory. Your 300% awaits you with or without referral.

Quick payment
Payment of 300% is made to every donations within 24 hours of propelling naira. A user makes payment within 24 hours of propelling naira or gets blocked and deleted.

Multiple account

Having multiple account is not allowed, and attracts termination of account without prior notice.

A user is expected to write a letter of testimony within 72 hours of receiving donation. Failure attracts account termination.

Join Now

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  1. Enter your comment...pls I need help on naira propeller I donated money today and since then when I tried to login they said my acct is terminated what should I do?

  2. Pls I need help on naira propeller. I donated money since 6th of Feb. But now I can't login.


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