Friday, 20 January 2017

How To Identify Fake Infinix Note 3

Infinix Note3 is as good as it gets. Featuring a 6.0 inch HD screen, a sleek design that's only 0.9mm thick and a 4500mAh battery life, the NOTE3 is unstoppable. The NOTE3 reflects Infinix committment to technology, innovation and quality with it's groundbreaking features.  Fake Infinix Note 3 has now entered the market which is almost like the real or original Infinix note 3. It is a terrible experience to go to the market and later discovered that you came back home with a fake phone thinking it was the real one. So that's why I have decided to publish this post in order for you to spot the fake Infinix note 3 easily without falling a victim.

Fake Infinix Note 3

How to Identify Fake Infinix Note 3 Smartphone 

  • The positioning of the sensor is different From the real one

  • No SD card port in the fake one while the real one has

  • Finger print sensor for the fake is not functioning

  • Charging port positioning of the fake is At the top

When you purchase the fake Infinix Note 3, you will only find Charger, Ear pieces, Screen guide and Extra usb cord as the accessories.

So always try to purchase your phone in an approved outlet to prevent you from not falling a victim of this. 



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