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How to Compress PDF File on Android and iOs

Smartphones are used nowadays for multi purpose. From the means of communication, to the means of entertainment, learning and lots more, smartphones has major impact on our everyday life. Whether you need someone to assist you with your finances or to give you a hand with better organization, there is an app for it - usually free and easily accessible. Moreover, it’s possible to manage documents without a hitch and to get your job done on the go.

Speaking of documents, the most popular document format is doubtlessly a Portable Document Format, i.e PDF. This practical file type allows you to lock a large amount of necessary data and to distribute it on every platform the same, without losing or disrupting the original content. These are its main characteristics that make PDF very functional and businesslike at the same time. 
reduce pdf file

However, sometimes you can exaggerate with different information and images which as a consequence has large PDFs that are pretty difficult to work with. It takes centuries to upload or download them and they are impossible to send. All in all, hefty PDF documents are unmanageable on smartphones.  Luckily, there is an app which can make this pain go away and make heavy PDFs as light as a feather.
Compressing a PDF File or reducing PDF File size makes your favorite document format smaller in a couple of seconds on average, on your iOS or Android smartphones. Apart from this major functionality, this helpful app offers some other great features:

  • First of all, absolutely free compression services
  • Won’t drain the battery of your mobile phone
  • The quality of the original document will be conserved
  • It’s possible to compress PDF files from common cloud services.

Compress Pdf file

Last but not the least, Compress PDF is very simple to use and therefore is adapted to each user type. This can be made possible using a PDF File compressor. 

How to Reduce PDF File on Android and iOs

In just three straightforward steps you can shrink your PDFs on iPhone or Android:

  1. Download Compress PDF (pdf file compressor)  from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Choose a file from your phone or Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive. It will be sent for compression on effective servers.

Once the compression is finished, your reduced file is downloaded and you’ll find it within the app among compressed documents
Are you aware of alternative methods to Compress PDF File or reduce pdf, do so to tell us using the comment 



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