Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Get 100% Of Your Donation Join Cashblaze

Most users are benefiting from lots of Double Paying Ponzi Schemes but some users seems to lose loads of money. Xclusivetek advises users not to use all their money on one Ponzi Schemes but share it separately on different ponzi Schemes and also make use of your spare cash to avoid stories that touch. 

Cashblaze is a new double paying ponzi scheme that pays it's users double their investment in less than 15days. From reports from most of its users, Cashblaze is currently working fine without any glitch. 

How To Enjoy Cashblaze 

Get 100% of your donation in minimum of 5mins and maximum of 15days. One good thing about Cash blaze is that You do not need to Refer anybody, the system merge you oursleves and you recieve your payment. 

How To Join CashBlaze

Below joining Cashblaze ensure you have the money at hand and make use of your spare cash only because they match you immediately you join. 

Join Cashblaze HERE

  • Once you click the link above you will need to select one of the packages below depending on the money you wish to invest

Donate N5,000
Receive N10,000
Donate N10,000
Receive N20,000
Donate N20,000
Receive N40,000
Donate N50,000
Receive N100,000 

  • You will fill in the necessary details and join Cashblaze. Once you join, you will be matched to pay someone in the next 24 hours. 
  • Call him or her before making payment. Once you make payment, upload the payment details and call the person to activate your account. 
  • Once you are activated, within the 10mins to 24 hours, you will be matched to two people who will pay you the same amount of money you paid.

Disclaimer will not be held responsible for any money loss or gain from Cashblaze 



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  1. is a scam,I registered and I was paired to pay someone which I paid ,the following morning the site stopped opening andthat was the say inwas meant to be paired and payed .after some said the site came back and they were asking us to fill one form,after filling and submitting it would bring an error message saying invalid username and password,the same username and password I used while paying to someone but when it was my turn to be payed it became invalid


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