Monday, 2 January 2017

Game Super Mario Run will soon be Released for Android Devices

Nintendo released the game super Mario run some weeks ago but it was disappointing for android users as it only was supported on the iOS platform. Maybe they were not disappointed anymore after seeing the very poor reviews which trailed the game coupled with the one-star ratings it received.

Now we have the first glimpse of game Super Mario Run on Android. The game’s Play Store page is up and shows it as available for pre-registration. That’s all you can do now, beside watching the trailer and checking the screenshots until you get notified that the game is released and available for download.

But what could have made them release an android version now? Was it part of the game plan from the beginning? This we do not know but I am guessing in the negative.

This move may have been prompted as a result of the poor run they had with iOS users. Yes, it was downloaded rapidly gathering over 40 million downloads in a few time, but then, it seemed like the number of people impressed with what they downloaded were not up to 10% of that number, which explains the low rankings.

Now, if less than 10% were not impressed, and the level 1 – 3 is free, which then requires an upgrade of $10 to proceed. How many people do you think will be willing to part with that amount just to continue a game they do not like? Not much, I think.

So maybe in a bid to expand their customer base, and to generate more funds, Nintendo decided to release an android version, knowing well that the android platform harbors a whole lot of people.
But there is only one problem.

I am not for seeing android users jump at the install button once its finally available because they already know what they’re about to get and of they do, they sure as hell won’t pay for the upgrade – so I think. Either ways, it is bad market for Nintendo.



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