Thursday, 26 January 2017 Is Blazing Get Double Your Investment Is a new double ponzi scheme that pays Twice your investment in less than two weeks. No need for networking, referring to get paid, just invest and chill to get paid. 

How it works

Before you register with this platform make sure you are ready to send #10,000 to the person that the system will assign you to pay.

To create your account


  • Login to your account and place a request to Provide help
  • The system will match you with a member that you will pay within an hourPay into the member's account, call him/her to confirm payment and activate your account
  • You have just 48hrs to pay. If you don't pay within 48hrs You will be rematched
  • As soon as your account is activated the system will automatically assign 2 members to pay N10,000 each into your account, giving you a total of N20,000
  • As soon as you recieve your complete payment, you place another request to provide help and repeat the process all over againYou can repeat the process again and again to infinity
Disclaimer won't be held responsible for any loss of money from 

  • No referral
  • 10% referral bonus for top recruiters (optional)
  • It is a peer to peer donation platform
  • No central account
  • Automatching
  • 100% return on your investment
  • Rapid payout

For more info and to join our Whatsapp group, notify using the comment. 




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  1. I have provided help since a week now n I have not been match why?

  2. I have sponcerd 3 members n they have not received n d people that they match to pay them refused till now d system refused to match new people to them.

  3. Please look into my matter they are on my neck over their money thanks.


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