Thursday, 22 December 2016

Spectranet Unlimited Browsing: All You Need To Know About Spectranet Unlimited Gold Plan

What every internet user in Nigeria wants to hear is Unlimited Browser particularly the youths and oh yes, there is something better than Network/Free browsing cheats or cheap data plans with great zapping.

With this plan dubbed Unlimited Gold Plan from Spectranet, you have no fears of data expiring before the expiry date. The exciting part of this is that Spectranet NG is a 4G provider with extraordinary speed when downloading and browsing with your Unlimited Plan.

Some Things You Need To Know About Spectranet Unlimited Gold Plan
1. 24/7 Internet Access: With this plan, you browse day and night without speed throttling and impressive browsing speed with the 4G Network

2. Validity: This plan is unlimited and last for a month (30 days)

3. 100GB Data Limit: For those that are reckless when it comes to downloading and data management, after consuming 100GB your browsing speed with be throttled. Though it wasn’t disclosed how the speed could be cut down

4. Price: This 30 days unlimited data plan costs N18,000.

5. Only accessible in Lagos and Ibadan Nigeria.

Well, N18,000 isn't cheap at all, but best for Internet Cafe so you can start a Cyber Cafe Business



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