Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Solutions Fixes Recent Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing Disconnecting Issue

Recently yesterday, we posted a free browsing tweak on airtel. This tweak is really blazing but i don't know why some people say it disconnecting because i received many complains in whatsapp group and even on this blog. There i have provided some tips you need to practice to make this free browsing stable and not disconnecting when it not GLO. There are many reasons why it not working for some people, read through to fix disconnecting issue.

1. Use Correct APN Settings : Wrong APN settings makes this tweak not to work at all or work and keeps disconnecting. Therefore check your APN Settings very well, see the screenshot below for the right apn settings.

2. Type of Vpn : The type of vpn you are use for this tweak determines the connecting. I used Psiphon108handlerUI which worked well which is the reason i mentioned it first in the last article. So you can Download Psiphon108Handler or syphon shield or Queencee VpN v8 

ALSO use the latest Tweakware VPN v3.7


Airtel Free Browsing and Downloading Unlimited on Tweakware VPN

3. Fast 3G Service : If you have a bad 3G service you can't enjoy this airtel tweak. That the fact. Therfore if you notice your connection icon isn't showing 3G or H+, i will advice you to switch to 2G or 2G/3G. I think that will solve it.

4. Use Terminal Emulator : You can also. make use of terminal emulator if the disconnecting issue still persists.  How To Make VPN Connection Stable Using Terminal Emulator.

5. New Settings : There is a new settings for this tweak. Download Psiphon108Handler or syphon shield or Queencee VpN v8 
  • Choose No proxy Or Reverse Proxy
  • Proxy Server Empty
  • Proxy type Default
  • Use proxy port 3128
  • In the more settings, input 
  • Host Address :
  • Put Host Port : 8080 



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