Sunday, 18 December 2016

#ScamAlert: Ultimatecycler Has Been Cloned!

Nigerians have used so many different networking, referrals, Ponzi and other money-making scheme to survive the economic recession the country is currently experiencing. Programs such as MMM, iCharity, Zarfund, Ultimatecycler and many more have been on a rise.
The bad news is, yesterday morning, the most popular scheme MMM Nigeria froze all Mavros for 30 days. Perhaps, bad news travels faster than good. Fear has gripped lots of Nigerians as they fear for the crash of the program.

Ultimatecycler has been cloned!!!

Swerving from MMM, it should come to your notice that Ultimatecycler Has Been cloned, participants be warned!!!
Here is the fake UC site URL » “” the owner of the site is Peter Tigering.
Peter wolfing the founder of the legitimate Ultimatecycler website released a video on the upgrade actively ongoing and here is what he shared as regards to that;
While we’re still waiting for Ultimatecycler to fully come up, some [email protected] out there cloned the site, so if you’ve registered or tried to login on the cloned site, my brother, it’s either…

  • You’ve just been hacked!
  • You just serve your login details to your original UC dashboard.
  •  You are at risk of sending money to the wrong people. is fraud, scam, fake, cloned. DO NOT VISIT!!!

What to do if you’ve visited the cloned site.

  1. Quickly visit the original UC portal then change your account’s login password.
  2. Clear your computer/mobile browser’s cache, data and history.



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