Thursday, 22 December 2016

MMM, Zarfund &other Preferred Ponzi Schemes in Nigeria – How they Work

Its very sad knowing that the current state of the economy has forced most Nigerians to participate in several ponzi schemes in order to make profit and earn a living. These ponzi schemes has indeed proven to be very helpful and is now seen as a good online business to many, in this recession. However the fear is that they are never reliable.
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In a ponzi scheme there must always be a looser, which is why members are advised to only participate with their SPARE money. But most people still ignore this warning and invest heavily so as to make more profit. In this post, I'm going to be listing some of the most popular ponzi schemes in Nigeria.

1. MMM
MMM Nigeria is the most trending at the moment. MMM Nigeria has really helped many Nigerians solve financial troubles during this recession. Although due to the xmas rush, the platform has frozen its participant mavro but I strongly believe MMM Nigeria will be back. 

Due to the success of MMM Nigeria, Many also participate in MMM United, MMM Global, MMM West Africa and others but none has proven to be more succesful than MMM Nigeria

2. Zarfund
The MLM system is fast going and currently has about 300,000 members worldwide. The use of bitcoins has discouraged many Nigerians from investing with Zarfund but they don't know what they are missing. 

Ultimte Cycler used to be reliable until its website crashed and all servers shutdown. They are back now but many are still skeptical about joining and investing. 



4. Givers Forum
Givers forum is becoming very popular in Nigeria. Its is similar to MMM. In GF, your investment and bonuses grow 10% percent weekly. The website currently ranks amongst the top 50 most visited site in Nigeria.

5. iCharity
Icharity uses a similar system to Zarfund and Ultimate Cycler however after registration, you require 5 downlines to get a complete payment for the stage you are currently.

Okay that's all. Just want to round up by saying, Invest wisely. Goodluck



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