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How To Make VPN Connection Stable Using Terminal Emulator

Are you looking for best possible means to fix disconnecting issues while using VPN app on your android devices. Most times, VPN keep connecting and disconnecting on your Android Smartphones and that can be so annoying especially when you are streaming online videos or downloading with it. This article will explain how you can stabilize your VPN connection on your Android Smartphone. Terminal Emulator is an android app for you to prevent your vpn apps from disconnecting or not being stable. This app is best solution to fix disconnection and reconnection issues when using a VPN.

Terminal Emulator is an android app developed by Jack Palevich help you access your Android's built-in Linux command line shell. So with Terminal Emulator you can be able to send
command that will make your network stable without disconnecting and reconnecting, this is very simple and you don't need any rooting, it works on root and unroot devices.

Download Terminal Emulator below
DOWNLOAD Terminal Emulator HERE
Terminal Emulator is also available on Google PlayStore HERE.

How To Make VPN Connection Stable Using Terminal Emulator

 ✔ Now Install terminal emulator > Open the terminal emulator

 ✔  In front of $ symbol type ping
Note: Any time you want to use it you must type the above command.

 ✔  Then press Enter to send the command.That is all, and you can now minimize your terminal emulator and enjoy your internet browsing.

Picture of Terminal emulator when sending command.

Enjoy uninterrupted VPN connection. This works best on Rooted Android Smartphones
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