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How To Install Android Apps Not Available In Your Country

We're all victims of one problem or the other when it comes to android platform. However in as much as this issues can be irritating, there's a always a simple way to fix them. That's the power of android for you!.. Recently I was wandering into the internet and it struck my mind to download some trending applications from the Google playstore, to be more elaborate I had Spotify Music on my mind. Now when I finally found the app (Spotify) which i was looking for, to my biggest surprise I encountered the error that read thus "This item is not available in your country".

I was greatly infuriated...but having the idea that the same Spotify Music is fully available in the United States, I thought of the best method to bypass that error and right there and then, it suddenly struck my mind to use a VPN application which is capable of faking my location. And Boom! The idea worked like magic after trying it. The benefit of the method we're going to use below is non other than it works both on rooted and non-rooted android phones thus you won't be left out if perhaps you haven't gotten a chance to root your smartphone.
In this article we are going to install the Spotify Music application which is not available in Nigeria thus when searched on Google Play Store it tends to show you this message " This item is not available in your country ".  And also we're using a VPN application by name Sypon Shield  which is not currently available on the Google playstore but can be downloaded from external server.


1. Firstly before proceeding with this steps, Download Syphon Shield HERE. There are lot's of VPN applications out there which you choose to perform this tasks or rather you can make a selection from the list of our 

Best VPN applications for android phones 

2. Now locate the VPN app you downloaded earlier from your app drawer and tap on it to open. From the VPN setting, simply scroll down and hit the Save button. Now select the country where the app is available. For instance we selected United States since Spotify is available in that country. Once you've selected a location, tap on Connect and wait for Sypon Shield to automatically connect.

3. Next go to Settings and click on Apps, from there scroll down, locate and tap on Google Play Store. Then Clear Cache, Clear Data and also make sure you Force Stop Google Play Store in other for this trick to work perfectly.

4. Once you're through, go to Google search engine and search for the app you want to install which is not available in your country. Now select the Google Play store link. If you search for the app directly from the Google Play store app, you won't find it so it's recommended you use the Google search engine.

5. Now once you're redirected to the Google Play store, accept the prompt that will appear and this time around you will be able to see the Install button which was previously missing when you haven't changed your location.

6. Hit the install button and Google Play store might ask you to set up your account. Simply skip this process or rather set it up if you prefer. After this, the app will automatically start downloading.

Note: During the process of downloading the app that are not available in your country, you've to keep the Sypon Shield or any other VPN application you prefer running accurately (i.e it should be Connected) in other for the installation to be successful.


Things can be quiet easy if only you're able to figure out the perfect steps to tackle any issue you face while using your android smartphone. As you can see, we've successfully installed Spotify Music from the Google play store by faking our location thus the Google Play store will certainly think we're accessing the app from United States. That's one of the power of VPN applications you certainly can browse annoyamously by using them!... If you encounter any issue while following this guide, endeavor to let us know by using the comment box 



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