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How to Design a Guest Post Author Profile On Blogger

Guesting posting is a good way of create awareness of your blog to users in other blog and also create back links that can help boost your page rank and alexa rank. This is a blogger blogging tip where i will teach you how to add and design a wonderful amd stylish guest post author profile inside your blogger blog post(Guest Posting). Designing the author profile of a particular guest post in your blogger blog depicts a lots of things. It makes your guest post attractive and ready to read, it also make people know the author and his or her profile(Most Guest Posting Author in some blogs consists of name only). To design guest post author profile on blogger blog post, follow below steps.

Design a Guest Post Author Profile

How to Design a Guest Post Author Profile On Blogger

Step 1 : Login to your blogger dashboard , Create "New Post".

Step 2 : Then on your "Post Editor Page" create your post or paste the guest which you want to publish.

Step 3 : Navigate to the HTML Section by clicking on the "HTML" button next to the "Compose" button above.

Step 4 : Move you arrow to the first line and then press the enter button 3-5 times

Step 5 : Copy below code and paste it on space  you created using the enter key

<div class="mbw-author-box">
<img alt="author-pic" height="90" src="" width="85" />
<strong> About author </strong><br />Chibuks Alaoma is a professional blogger that blogs on tech news, blogging and browsing tips and lots more, hoping to help you and your business. Post By <b><a href=""></a></b></div>


Change this
 = Author Image size
 = Author image link
 = Little description about Author
 = Change the link and link description to the Guest Author's URL


Step 6 : Click on the "Publish" button after writing your content.

Note : You can place this stylish guest post author profile in the beginning or end of the post.



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