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How to Clone Apps on Android using App Cloner

You can use one android apps twice on your smartphone. It is more like cloning the app so the app can be appear as two different apk format with different signatures.
 Most of us are familiar with parallel space or luckypatcher. Parallel space host the apps inside its own space & ram which may hamper performance on low-end Android phones. But there sre best alternative to clone an app on your android. App cloning will let you clone apps present on your device & install them.. Thus, you can now use 2 versions of same app easily without even using space of external apps such as Parallel Space, 2 Accounts, 2 Face etc. Thus, enabling easier multiple accounts to apps like facebook, snapchat, paytm , freecharge etc that too without requiring root. Today, Xclusivetek would explain how to use app cloner to clone an app on your android phone. 

How to Clone apps on Android Using App Cloner

First of all Normally download & install the app which you want to clone , and log-on to your first or primary account inside the app.
1. Download & Install the App Cloner app from the Google Playstore or the link below

2. After you install App Cloner, it will now show a list of all apps installed on your Android phone as shown below 

3. Tap on the App name which you want to clone

It will now show details about the app which will be cloned as shown below, Click on the “checkmark” as shown in below figure to start the cloning process –

4. Tap on checkmark to start app cloning.
4. Now tap on “OK” in the pop-up box which shows that existing app will be cloned.

It will now start cloning the app and once cloning process is finished it will execute the apk & ask you to install it.

5. Install the apk and that's it, you now have two versions of same app in your Android phone. Alternatively you can access your apk’s from the “Cloned Apps” section once you open the Apk cloner app and even share the cloned apk’s with your friends too! .
The cloned apk works perfectly same as the normal app and is accessible directly from the app drawer unlike in parallel space where its accessible via app.. Besides, being the original clone app it perfectly functions with all the functions as in the original app . You have successfully clone an app using app cloner

➤ Download app cloner 1.3.8 apk HERE

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