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How To Change LED Notification Colours On Your Android

The LED is the little light, usually at the top of your phone, which lights up when you get a new notification (a call, text, news alert, etc.). What you don't know yet though, is that there is a dedicated app just for managing the notification colors and customizing your phone's LED light.

Really, it's not an important or urgent thing to change, it's merely cosmetic. That doesn't mean it's not worth doing, though. Changing the color of your LED light allows your phone to stand out from the crowd and have a unique look. It will be easily distinguishable from your friends' phones at parties.

Changing the color of the LED not only differentiates your phone from others', but also helps you receive important notifications when your phone is on silent. It will also keep you from checking your phone, by letting you know what type of notification just came through. A single pocket vibration can't do that, but a colorful blink can. A good example is setting a specific color for an app you don't need real-time notifications for, like setting Twitter notifications to blink blue, so you don't have to pick up your phone every time you get a re-tweet thinking maybe it's your mom texting you.

How To Change LED Notification Colours On Your Android

We will be using a free third party app called Light Manager for this very tutorail.

  • First download Light Manager - LED Settings from play store
  • Once downloaded, you have to grant it permission to access your notifications
  • Go to the app manager
  • Now complete freedom to manage the full range of notifications:  missed calls, messages, email, calendar reminders, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, low battery and more. Just scroll through and set the ones that are important for you.

As you can see from the screenshot above, all of the settings are arranged by category, and from there you can easily change the color and blinking pattern. The best thing about Light Manager is that you have such a wide range of options to suit how you want to use your phone. The only complain i have about this app is that it shows ads, but to get rid of them, you have to open up your wallet to upgrade. The Pro version costs $1.49.

Now you're ready to have your lights set up such that you can recognize your notifications without even having to touch your phone.

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