Saturday, 24 December 2016

Glo Free Browsing And Downloading With Kanary Premium Vpn

Glo Free Browsing and downloading is back again with Kanary Premium Vpn. For those that missed Glo Free Browsing with Tweakware Red Handler, you can't afford to use this Kanary Premium Vpn because it super fast, unlimited bandwith, free of ads and works flawlessly

 Glo Free Browsing Settings For Kanary Premium Vpn

 1. Download the Kanary Premium VPN Below

 Kanary Premium VPN (LAtest Super Speed VPN) Download 

 2. Then Click More options at the right hand side ›››
 3. Navigate down to bundled settings by Gad, click on it
Glo Free Browsing And Downloading With Kanary Premium Vpn 
 4. Click select bundled settings by Gad
 Then choose your desired package {also made some simplification too, left only the one's that are currently working}.
5. Go back to the home screen and choose from the 6 premium servers shown

Note: each server is capped at 250MB, so that's 1.5GB in total now the secret is that when using it and it disconnects on it's own it will automatically start again from 250MB.... So no worries!
6. After choosing your desired server click connect and immediately it's connected
Glo Free Browsing 
Kanary Premium Vpn 



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