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Fouad Whatsapp FMWhatsapp v5.11 Latest Download

FMWhatsapp (Fouad WhatsApp) is a WhatsApp mod that allows you to run multiple WhatsApp on a Single Android device. FMwhatsapp is based on the latest WhatsApp on playstore and one good thing is that it's anti-ban and you don't need to bother about getting banned from your WhatsApp account. It is safe to use and have lots of customizable themes to make your WhatsApp look unique and different
 There are lot of features that FmWhatsapp can do that cannot be done by normal WhatsApp.

What's New in v5.1.1
  •  Major] Base update to 2.16.363
    🔹[Added] Option 2.2.1 Enable/Disable new UI, (return contacts tab)
    🔹Removed Splash Screen
    🔹[Added] More Ticks Total (60)
    🔹[Added] More Bubbles Total
    🔹[Added] More Launcher Icons Total (80)
    🔹[Added] More Notifybar Total (70)
    🔹[Added] More Entry Style
    🔹[Major] All mods code re-worked and optimized from scratch!... YoWA is now EXTREMELY faster and no lags!
    🔹[Surprise] NO ADS! Ads-free; All in-app Ads removed =)
    🔹[Exclusive] Start Conversation/Send message to any number (FAB)
    🔹[Exclusive] Check Elapsed Time will be applied in Home Screen and In-Conversation header!
    🔹[Exclusive] Removed all low-storage restrictions (can record, take pic) even if storage available is 1mb
    🔹[Exclusive] Removed all suspicious media/documents restrictions
    🔹[Unlocked] All hidden features (New UI, GIF search, status, doodle, video call, big emoji, etc...)
    🔹[Re-Enabled] Option to make Phone call (Dial)
    🔹[Added] Elapsed time
    🔹[Added] multiple chats/cards option (multi task)
    🔹[Added] Options to choose active FAB buttons
    🔹[Added] Option to change Unread Message Indicator background
    🔹[Added] Audio/Video Call statusbar coloring
    🔹[Added] Option to share YoWA with your friends!!
    🔹[Added] Changelog popup
    🔹[Fixed-Special] No Scroll lag with Contact Online status in Home
    🔹[Fixed] Disappearing Tab on White color
    🔹[Fixed] Themes install multiple times
    🔹[Fixed] Search crash on Themes Server
    🔹[Fixed] Status bar not coloring
    🔹[Added] Increased limit for sending all media files to 1GB
    🔹[Added] Tabs indicator and slider color changes dynamically!
    🔹[Fixed] Old UI space bug (option 2.2)
    🔹[Fixed] Back indicator not coloring in conversation header
    🔹[Fixed] other bug fixes
    🔹[Removed] 5.4 and 5.5, since they were causing voice note issues


GbWhatsapp v5.1.5 Latest apk Download

How To Install
  1. Firstly take backup of your chats
  2. Now Uninstall any previous version of whatsapp of any whatsapp mods
  3. Now download the given APK
  4. Start installing and verify your number
  5. Now run is App and enjoy all features of it..!!

Download link

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