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Airtel Free Browsing and Downloading Unlimited on Tweakware VPN

I had earlier posted how to use Airtel free browsing Using PSiphon Handler. Most complaint most Airtel users had in the latest Airtel free browsing and Downloading is that is not stable and disconnects frequently. That can be so annoying most especially when you want to download large files on your smartphone. Not to worry again, Tweakware v3.7 VPN is the best solution for stability and to bypass speed throttling in Airtel Free browsing

How To Use Airtel 0.0KB Using Tweakware 4.7

  • Firstly, Download tweakware version 4.7 

Tweakware v4.7 VPN Apk Download HERE

  • Then go to Settings>>Bundle settings>>Mark Bundle settings.
  • Then you can tap on Use Bundle settings and choose (NG Airtel) 0.0kb in the options.

  • You can now finally go back and CONNECT.
Tweakware V3.7 VPN

Note: You can connect with FREE SERVER but it has daily limit but using premium servers like Germany and others are unlimited.

How To Bypass Tweakware 150MB on Free Server

✌Once you have made sure your device is rooted, follow me along with below steps to bypass Tweakware daily 150mb allocation.

Step1: Download Device ID changer app from Google play store.

Step2: Once you have downloaded the app, launch it and it will request for permission, just grant it root permission (you see why you must root your phone)

Step3: Now, start browsing and immediately you reach the tweakware daily limit using the free server, just disconnect the tweakware app and return back to the device id changer application you downloaded on step 1 above⬆

Step4: I will advice you to backup your original android id (this is necessary in case your phone is still on warranty and you want to return it for any reason).

Step5: After backing up or noting down your android phone original ID, Now, it's time to generate a random ID.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!



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