Saturday, 3 September 2016

Why You Might Consider Not Purchasing iPhone till Sept 7

USB-C on iPhone 7 and all Apple items. 

As we tensely anticipate the arrival of the new iPhone 7, gossipy tidbits are flying around about the outline changes that will likewise educate the dispatch of another line of embellishments/peripherals.

Apple is required to report new items (counting the iPhone 7) on September 7, and have them in stores a week or so later. In case you're wanting to update, sit tight on embellishing – particularly as it concerns wired earbuds and telephone cases.

Apple spills have affirm that this next discharge is an absolutely new innovation that will make the past arrival of Apple items outdated. The supposed evacuation of 3.5mm earphone port, change of Lighting port to USB-C, remote charging and so on is clearly not in reverse perfect, it is progressive.

WHY USB-C on iPhone 7? 

With the MacBook, Apple began its moderate changeover to USB-C. There's even a USB-C to Lightning link, which demonstrated that things will undoubtedly change.

The new MacBook Pros, which are long past due, are additionally supposed to go the USB-C course. On the off chance that that is precise, and we'd need to trust it will be, it changes a lot for the normal shopper.
usb c iPhone

By then, Apple is fundamentally turning its whole environment over to USB-C and Lightning. It is ideal however potential purchasers ought to practice alert on purchasing anything Apple-related yet.


Embellishment producers have additionally been gradually moving to USB-C network. When Apple bets everything on USB-C, anticipate that everything will change as well – earbuds, telephone cases, battery packs, chargers and so forth. So your past extras may not work any longer with iPhone 7.



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