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Latest VLC Media Player Hidden Tricks You Need To Know

VLC media player is a famous application on verging on each PC due to its astounding accumulation of elements. The media player is fit for playing various documents in various arrangements and setup. You can too haul out such a variety of traps with the application. While a portion of the traps are well known, dominant part of them are covered up to the basic man. Just the genuine nerds can find and use them. Having said that, lets investigate the main 18 tricks you can haul out with VLC player.
VLC tricks

Below are the latest VLC Player Tricks you need to know

1. Video Converter

Numerous VLC media players clients don't think about or are not aware of these tricks. VLC can change and change over the recordings into numerous video formats. So you don't have to download video convertor softwares to convert videos.

How To Convert Videos Using VLC Player

Step 1: Open VLC media player and Click On "Media" which is situated at upper right corner. Presently Select Convert/Save. Alternately Alternatively you can basically Press "CTRL + R".

Step 2: Now a Window will appear like an underneath picture, Simply tap on Add and pick the record you need to change over, and Click on Convert/save.

Step 3: Then Select the sort of video format you need it toconvert to. You can even change the video encoding. That is it, and this is the way you can convert any video.

That is it, and this is the manner by which you can convert any video with VLC Media Player.

2. Watch Youtube Videos in VLC

Yes, you read it right, you can specifically observe any youtube video in VLC Media player. Before attempting this trap in your PC, ensure you have great Internet Connection. You can likewise dispose of undesirable unsettling influence brought on in Youtube Videos on the off chance that you watch the recordings in VLC.

Step 1: Open VLC media player and Click On "Media" to Select "Open Network Stream". CTRL + N is the alternate route to play out this errand.

Step 2: Open Youtube and head over to your Favorite Video, Copy the URL of the youtube video.

Step 3: Once you have duplicated the URL essentially Paste it there where it says Enter the system URL and Click Play.

You will see that the Video is Streaming in VLC Smoothly.

3. Sync Audio in VLC

In the event that your video's Audio is not Syncing with the video stream then with a little change you can alter this in VLC media player. You can even Apply Effects to your sound and video, let us perceive how:

Step 1: Open VLC media player, click on Tools > Effects and Filters.

Step 2: Click on Audio Effect on the off chance that you need to include impacts in the event that you are playing sound or Click on Video impact to include impacts in a video document.

Step 3: Now Play around and roll out improvements to include impacts which will occur live.

You can roll out improvements as Brightness, Hue and so forth. Different tabs like synchronization is there to include impacts as well.

4. Take Snapshot in VLC

Commonly while viewing a film or irregular video we wish to take a preview of it yet it's excessively tedious, making it impossible to Press Print screen catch then open paint and all that Tedious stuff.

Luckily, VLC Comes with the preview highlight work in. You should simply Right tap on the video while it's playing, Hover your Mouse on Video option(in Context Menu) and Select Take Snapshot.

It's as Easy as that yet Comes Very Handy on occasion.

5. Use Video as Desktop Wallpaper Using VLC

VLC is the Only Media player that can do this for you. You can Replace your Desktop backdrop with a Video Using none other than VLC media Player.

To do this choose a video and start playing it with VLC. Right-tap on the screen, select Video, then select Set as Wallpaper.

6. Record Directly from Webcam

You can record your video talk and chat session effectively utilizing VLC.

step 1. Go to Media – Open Capture Device.

step 2. On the Capture Device screen, you can choose the video gadget furthermore the sound gadget like the framework mouthpiece.

step 3. You can likewise arrange the choices from the Configure settings. Finetune your catch with Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation (and other) controls.

step 4. Head down and drop down the Play catch to open the Convert exchange where you can choose the Destination record, click on the Browse catch to choose video document area, name and organization.

7. Listen Online Radio

VLC incorporates several Shoutcast radio stations. You simply need to empower it through Media>> Services Discovery>> Shoutcast radio postings. Presently, open the Playlist and peruse through the stations.

8. Play Rar Files

Play Media Contained In Archive Files If you have a ZIP or RAR document that contains a media record, you can really play them inside VLC without extricating them. Basically open them with VLC and it will play the majority of the documents contained inside. In the event that the record is separated into pieces, simply open the initial segment of the chronicle in VLC, ensuring every one of the documents are inside the same spot. This is a decent tip when you would prefer not to waste space decompressing the video.

Do you know VLC can play recordings compressed inside RAR documents? They play like typical video records and you can even utilize the look for bar. In the event that the RAR document is part into a few records, no issue. Simply stack the initial segment (.part001.rar) and it will naturally take whatever is left of the parts and play the entire record.

9. Subscribe to Podcasts

VLC can be utilized to stream podcasts, so you needn't bother with any extra programming in the event that you need to listen to podcasts on your PC.

Simply tap the View menu in VLC and select Playlist.

Drift over Podcasts in the sidebar, tap the + catch and glue the location of a podcast's food into the container.

You can then stream the podcast's scenes from inside VLC.


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10. Download and Add Subtitle File

In the event that a video you have doesn't accompany subtitles, you can include your own particular by finding a SRT subtitle document for the video and including it in. To include the subtitle, play your video and go to Subtitle on the menu bar and snap Add Subtitle File. On the off chance that you need VLC to play it naturally, put the SRT record in the same organizer as the video and ensure it utilizes the same document name as the video document.

11. Stream Torrent Directly to VLC Media Player

Watch Torrent Movies without downloading, yes it is valid. All you have to download an Ace Player (HD) VLC in your Computer.

12. Watch 3D Movies on PC Using VLC Media Player

How To Easily Watch 3D Movies on PC Using VLC Media Player

The initial step is run 3D motion picture in your VLC media player.(Make beyond any doubt that the film you played must be SBS (Side-By-Side) 3D motion picture).

After that, Click on Tools and after that select the Effects and Filters choice starting from the drop menu.

Presently tap on Video Effects tab and in this area click on Advanced tab.

In the Advanced tab, put a checkmark on Anaglyph 3D choice.

Presently you are prepared to for watching 3D motion pictures in the PC. Presently, simply put your Red/Cyan 3D glasses on and make the most of your 3D film.

13. Record A Currently Playing Video/Audio

On the off chance that you need to record and catch a piece of a video that you are playing, VLC has an alternative to do as such. To empower this component, on the menu bar, click View > Advanced Controls. Additional catches will show up on the application. While playing a media document, click on the Record catch to begin recording. Press again to stop. Recordings will be spared in the Videos organizer for recordings while sound will go to your Music envelope.

While playing a media document, right snap and select Record catch to begin recording. Press again to stop. Recordings will be spared in the Videos organizer for recordings while sound will go to your Music envelope.

14. Open Hidden Jigsaw Puzzle Game in VLC

Attempt this trap in Vlc Media Player and play concealed diversion in your PC.

How To Open Hidden Jigsaw Puzzle Game in VLC

Step 1: Open your VLC player application. Try not to trouble in the event that you are playing video or not. From the primary menu, tap the Extended Settings catch at the base of the screen.

Step 2: Now, select the "Video Effects" tab under that.

Step 3: Make beyond any doubt to tick on the container beside the "Riddle Game" alternative. At that point you can utilize the lines and sections fields to choose the quantity of riddle pieces, on the off chance that you need to find in your intelligent jigsaw video. When all is done, essentially tap on the "nearby" catch at the base of this window.

Step 4: Restarting VLC and Playing Video:

Presently close totally the VLC so changes will produce results. Presently, just open any video in VLC and you will see your intuitive riddle diversion.

15. Play Video As ASCII Characters

For a touch of fun, VLC permits you to show a video all in ASCII characters.

To empower this fun highlight, go to Tools > Preference and snap on Video.

Under the Output drop-down box, pick Color ASCII workmanship video yield.

Your video will now be shown totally in ASCII. Presently have a go at viewing 'The Matrix' like this.

16. VLC Inception Trick

Pondering what's beginning here? Indeed, VLC Media Player can take screenshot of your present screen and continue taking screenshots in generally littler size and putting on it's presentation board which will give your origin impact.

Ventures to play out this trap:

Open VLC Media Player Now,

Press Ctrl+N Type "screen://" (without quotes) in the opened window

Click Play to see this VLC initiation trap.

17. Control VLC from Android Phone

Transform your portable mobile phone into a VLC remote and control running motion pictures from your android phone. On the off chance that you are watching motion pictures with your family and companions, so this is the best trap for skip grown-up scenes in motion pictures without touching your PC.

Download Unified Remote application in your Android device for controlling VLC Media from Phone.

18. Twofold Or Slow Down The Playback Speed

This element is fantastically helpful when you are viewing a media document essentially for the substance, for example, podcast, book recordings, recorded addresses, and so on. To begin, press +button to fast forward by 0.1x for every press. To back it off, press '- " button to reduce the video play speed.

These are the significant tricks you can perform with this awesome media player. Indeed, VLC is confined to windows but is as well as available for both Android and iOS devices. It has a large number of clients all around and as yet expanding.
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