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How To Fix Android Apps When It Crashes

On the off chance that one of the applications on your Android device crash when you launch it or possibly while you are utilizing it, you can fix or solve this issue by clearing data or fixing bug.  This tutorial will demonstrate you three conceivable strategies which you can apply on your Android device to repair the application and make it work without problems.
Fix crashed apps
Below are the three possible ways to fix your Android app when crashed

Solution 1

If the application crashes while you are using it, the main thing you ought to attempt is to close the app. Now go to settings>>Apps>Name of the app>> Clear cache and then launch the app again.
This really helps a lot and this helps to stop most android apps from crashing. Caches are temporary files stored by apps so that you can utilize apps quickly. Sometimes, caches may be in excess and there maybe need to clear them.

Solution 2

If the apps still crashes or refuse to work, then you have to proceed to this level. This process involves uninstalling and reinstalling the application.  Uninstalling the app may be the right solution because some apps maybe downloaded from unknown sources thereby the app may have been tampered with making the app vulnerable to Virus attack.
Below are these steps involved in Uninstalling Android Applications
Step 1: In your Home screen tap on Menu button and then choose Settings.
Step 2: Now Find Applications and Tap it.
It will show the list of all the Android applications installed.
Step 4: Look for the crashed app and then tap on Uninstall.
Step 5: Once removal is complete, go to Google Play store again and install the same app again.
Uninstall it and try downloading it from known sources like Google Playstore, Mobogenie, Mobmarket etc, and install it. That will really help a lot.

Solution 3

If the app crashes still crashes after using the above method, then this method is what you need to solve the problem. This involves soft resetting your Android phone so that it would look like a new one. First, you should pull out the battery from your Android device or If your battery is non-removable, then you should switch off your Smartphone. This will perform a soft reset, and it will not erase the data from your device, but it can sometimes resolve the issues such as crushed apps. Once you pull the battery, insert it back after 2-3 minutes, switch on your Android phone and try the app.
Hope this helps in fixing your crashed Android app. If you have any better suggestions, notify using the comment box



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