Friday, 9 September 2016

Glo Uc Mini Handler Settings For Free Browsing Unlimitedly

Glo redirect free browsing tweak has been blazing for some time now unlimitedly both while downloading, browsing & Surfing videos online. But today Skilztools came up with a way to use it on Uc mini handler to download and browse unlimitedly too.. After setting the handler Menu and phone default settings.
glo free browsing
So you know, this trick works only on UC mini handler web browser meaning that It doesn't power all apps and guess what; It is totally free (0.00kb in your glo line) unlimited & nothing like speed throttling


If you don't have Ucmini handler you can download it from Here

So after downloading; Launch the app and configure it as below

Proxy type: REAL HOST
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: default (you can also use HTTP)
Real proxy port:80
Then save and start browsing

In case you end up having problems downloading very large files No problems just simply:

1. Open this site with your uc mini handler

2. After that, add the site name you want to download from

3. Now click go and your download will start reading (just like that of airtel 20gb)

This site muchproxy normally rename the file you are downloading to .php format. Now what you should do is to change the .php extension to the format of the file you are downloading. For example .mp4, .apk, .exe .pdf etc when the download option popup before downloading.

I hope this helps and adds to the options you already have in terms or free and affordable browsing tricks and solutions. Thanks



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