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Steps To Activate Mtn Free Missed Calls Alert When A Number Calls

MTN’s Who Called and Notify Me, keep you up to speed with calls you missed while your phone was switched off or unreachable. The service will also send you an SMS message when a number you called but could not reach becomes available. 
                                                        The SMS message with information about calls you missed or numbers you could not reach will be sent to your mobile phone as soon as your mobile number becomes available or as soon as the number you attempted to call becomes available.

Please note that you will not receive missed call alerts from callers who hide their caller identity and the service will not require you to activate Voice Mail to use the services.

What is MTN Who Called?

This is a FREE missed call alert service that provides you with details of calls you missed while your number was switched off or out of network coverage. You will receive free SMS message containing the caller’s phone number, the number of missed calls from that number and date and time of the last call.
Y’ello! You have 1 missed call from +2348031234567 received at: 03:05:2011 12:21:13.

There are two options available to you when subscribing for these services. These are:
MTN Who Called.
MTN Who Called with Notify Me.

To activate the Who Called Service free of charge, simply send the key word of your desired option by SMS to 100. For Example:

To activate MTN Who Called with Notify Me, text SET 01 to 100.
To activate MTN Who Called, text SET 02 to 100.

How do I check if you already have the service on your phone?
To check your status, text the word STATUS to 100 and you will receive the following message: Y’ello! 803xxxxxxx has an active Who Called service.

How to cancel the service

To cancel the service, text the word DELETE to 100.



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