Wednesday, 10 August 2016

How To Use Flashlight As Notification On Your Smartphone

I want to activate new way of call notification for your smartphone. Yeah! You can use your Android and iPhone Camera LED Flashlight to notify incoming calls on your Android phone.

With Silent Mode, you can listen to incoming calls and messages tones. Silent mode makes you lose many important calls you wish to recieve. With this trick we will be discussing today, you can easily get notification LED light blinking in your phone regardless of silent mode.

In this post, we will be discussing a simple method on how to use flashlight as notification for incoming calls on both Android and iPhone .

How To Use Flashlight As Notification For Incoming Calls On Android

  • Download Flash Alert Android app from Google Playstore and Install it on your Android smartphone.
  • After you have successfully install the app, it will asks you to do the test. Just follow the instructions and do the test.
  • In the settings, Make sure Flash Alerts is on and the Incoming call option is on

Now wait for the incoming call in your android phone. When you receive any incoming call in your phone, your phone blinks an LED Flashlight.

How to Enable LED Flash Alert on iPhone

In iPhone you don’t need to download any app. You just need to enable Flash alerts in iPhone default settings.
  • On your iPhone home screen, tap on Settings > General.
  • Then Tap on Accessibility and Turn LED Flash for Alerts ON.

That's all on how to use flashlight as notification for incoming calls on smartphone



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