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How To Repair (Fix) Damaged Or Corrupted SD Card

corrupt sd card
Fix Damaged sd card
SD card and flash drives are the best ways to store (important) files and documents at your fingertips. As they are used, they are prone to get corrupted or damaged due to lack of proper ejection from a system or Smartphone or virus attack or incomplete formatting of the SD card or flash drive. 
When your SD card or flash drive gets corrupted/damaged and you try formatting it and it fails to format or your Windows gives you the message WINDOWS CAN’T FORMAT DISK while trying to format it, there is need to repair it.

Below are the procedures to easily Repair a damaged or corrupted SD card

How To Repair (Fix) Damaged Or Corrupted SD Card

1. You Insert the corrupted SD card into a card reader, and then connect the card reader to the computer or into the System Memory card slot.

2. Next you run command prompt
Simply Open RUN on your computer on the “start” icon and enter “search for program” then type in RUN or simply press ctrl-R on desktop
After opening RUN type in “CMD” in the provided text box.

3. Now the Command Prompt runs up
Now, type in “DISKPART”.
Type in “LIST DISK”.
Type in “SELECT DISK 1”.
Type in “CLEAN”.
Type in “ACTIVE”.
Finally type in “FORMAT FS=FAT32”.

NOTE: It may take 30 - 45 Minutes for it to Finish loading from 1 -100%

After finishing this process remove your card reader from the computer or from the System Card slot .

That's all, you have successfully fixed your corrupted or damaged SD card or flash drive.

If you encounter any problem while fixing your SD card, notify via comments



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