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How To Park A Domain To Wapka

Wapka is provides a good platform for online bloggers and webdesigners to create a forum for their blog. Wapka is a free host that provides unlimited bandwith for their meembers once you are able to follow their html and css codes and their policies. A free wapka domain comes with a subdomain like, and as a top blogger or website owner, there is need to have a professional domain like .com. .net, .org, .co etc. 
This can be made possible by simply purchasing a domain name of your choice from any online registrar like,,, etc and park(map) it to your wapka site.
Below are the follow easy procedures you take inorder to park a domain to wapka

How To Park A Domain To Wapka 

1. First login to and click on the site you want to park the domain to.
2. Next, Go to Domain Manager and Click on Own Domain
3. Now purchase the domain of your choice from any domain registrar and once purchased, you can now move to step 4. 
It's not compulsory it is a new domain, you can park a domain that you have but not using.
4. Login into your domain registrar and go to the domain you want to park to wapka.
Go to DNS setting
5. Now set DNS of the domain as
and save it
6. Now you will simply have to wait for few minutes(hours) for your domain registrar to register the new DNS.
Mine took like six(6) minutes to successfully change to wapka DNS.
7. Go back to your wapka and insert the domain and add the domain.
Wapka domain
park domain to wapka
If you had successfully configured your Domain to wapka DNS, it would successfully connect once with a glitch. Now go to your URL and test it.

You have successfully parked your domain to wapka, if you are having problems or want to hire us to map it for you, kindly notify using the comment box.



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