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How To Fix "Unfortunately Your App Has Stopped" On Your Android Smartphone

How To Fix "Unfortunately Your App Hast Stopped" On Your Android Smartphone

Android apps tends to misbehave sometimes due to the high usage of the app oir certain app bugs. Sometimes you experience this message ''Unfortunately Whatsapp stopped" on your smarthone.
Unfortunately Whatsapp stopped
It can be so annoying when it shows it constantly. There is need to fix the problem. In this article I will explain the two best srategies used to fix the proiblem

Clear Data and Cache

Swipe down on your home screen and tap the Settings gear. We will have to clear the application datas and caches. Most apps stores your datas in your Android phone for easy accessibility and usage. Clearing the capacity information is more uncommon than clearing the reserve since it cleanses stuff like spared login creditals and custom application settings. It's equivalent to re-introducing the application however the benefit obviously is that it's quicker than the traditional 
So Go to Settings>Apps>the app you which to fix the problem

Now click on Clear data and then clear cache

This basically resets the application to its underlying state and ought to determine the issue for you

Force Stop strategy. 

We're going to do both in one breadth. Inside settings, touch the More tab and flip open the Application Manager. Swipe three screens to one side to open the area that shows ALL applications. Presently look down the rundown until you locate your rowdy application. Recently the Amazon application's incitements has been driving me insane… Tap it open and touch Force Stop, to force stop services of the app in your smartphone. 



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