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How To Automatically Copy Selected Text To Your Clipboard [Firefox]

Duplicate/copying and pasting content between applications is something we underestimate. It's an extremely fundamental capacity of any OS and the clipboard can be utilized to duplicate and glue content, pictures, documents, and envelopes. Despite what you need to duplicate, the procedure is the same; select it, hit Ctrl+C or utilize the "Duplicate" capacity from the right-click connection menu, switch to the application/area you need to glue to, and hit Ctrl+V or utilize the Paste capacity from the setting menu. It doesn't generally get any easier. AutocopySelection2Clipboard is a Firefox add-on that dispenses with the need to utilize the "Ctrl+C" console easy route when duplicating content. The extra consequently duplicates chose content to your clipboard with the goal that you require just glue it and not duplicate it physically diminishing the entire procedure by one stage. 

Introduce AutocopySelection2Clipboard and select content on a site page. Switch to another application, say Notepad, and hit Ctrl+V. The content you chose in your program yet didn't physically duplicate will be stuck in Notepad. 

AutocopySelection2Clipboard gives you a chance to keep any arranging connected to the content when you duplicate it. Go to the extra's choices and set whether you need it to duplicate the content with its organizing or not. Naturally, it is set to duplicate everything as plain content. It doesn't duplicate content in info fields i.e. structure fields yet you can empower it by checking the 'Screen the choice in information fields' choice. 

Web applications, generally document sharing ones, actualize a component like this. They create connections and each of the a client needs to do is snap the highlighted join a web application has produced to duplicate it to their clipboard. It's a capacity that works if applications empower them however AutocopySelection2Clipboard stretches out it to each and every page you open in your program. 

On the off chance that you frequently wind up duplicating content in your program, whether it's code or straightforward content, this extra can speed things up for you. It doesn't duplicate pictures however which is a disgrace yet it is generally great.

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