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How To Add/Remove Author On A Blogger Blog

Blogger( has been an easy platform for blogger to create a blog. Due to the unlimited bandwidth and free hosting from Google, you don't bother about the cost of buying a host. 

In this post, I will explain extensively on how you can easily add or remove an Author/Admins to your blogger blog. It's not every time you have to write an article on your blog by yourself, you can easily add admins or authors as the case maybe, to easy write those post for you. 
No special skill(s) is needed to add an author or admin, the author just need a gmail account where he/she can login to access your blogspot platform.

How To Add/Remove Author On A Blogger Blog

1. Sign in to Blogger( account containing the blog you want to add the author/admin.
2. Go to Settings -> Basic -> Permissions3.
3. Now you will see Blog authors, simply click on +add authors
4. Then you input the Gmail address of the Author/admin account you want to add your blog.
5. The Author/admin would have to sign in to his/her Google account’s mailbox and click on the invitation message you have sent to him/her.
6. Open the confirmation mail sent and click the confirmation link.
5. Now the author/admin have verified the mail, sign in back to the main blogger account that originally contained the blog. Go to your blogger dashboard, Go to Settings -> Basic -> Permissions. Now you will see the second account as Author. Click the drop-down menu next to it and choose “Admin” if you wish to give the account admin rights.
add blog authors
Add blog authors

That's all.
Note: Once you make him an admin, he has the full right to make you an author, thereby giving you less access to your blog platform. So you have to know and trust those you make admin in your blog.
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