Sunday, 28 August 2016

How To Activate PES 2016 Multiplayer Mode On Android Using Ppsspp

This post it to help you guys on the complete guide on how to activate multiplayer mode on PES 2016 iso using ppspp on Android.

How To Activate PES 2016 Multiplayer Mode On Android Using Ppsspp

1. First create connection between the two devices using hotspot and the other joining
with Wifi (i believe you already know how to do that)
2. Now open the ppsspp Gold and locatesettings >Networking and set it as below image.
Note: Both devices must have the same settings indicated in step 2&3
3. Go to settings > Graphic and set it withbelow image. or depending on how you want it

4. Load The game ( i believe you already know how)
5. Go to match Then ADHOC
6. Go to setup room on One of the device and create room with a name
7. Ask your friend to join by going to Match> Adhoc and search for your Room Name.
8. Then you click on the room name to join.
When successful! go to match set up your team formation and start playing along with your friend on PES 16 Multiplayer Mode.



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