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Solutions to Insufficient Storage Available on Android

Android phones are the most commonly used phones these days and you may like installing most latest applications in it. You may be wondering when your Android phone tells you insufficient storage available when trying to install an application even though you are quite aware that there is enough space in your SD card. 
You will have to follow the steps below  to free up spaces on your sd card and phone memory and solve the insufficient storage error 

Causes of Insufficient Storage Available Error on Android 

This is mainly caused by lack of storage in your SDcard or phone memory. 
 Android apps use three sets of storage space: for the apps themselves, for the apps' data files, and for the apps' cache. The apps', caches can grow quite large, and thereby consuming space in either the sdcard or phone memory. Other applications may find it hard installing when the cache files are frequently accumulated with removal. 

You are likely to get the "Insufficient Storage Available" error, when the apps' cache are accumulated,  so empty your app cache to see if that clears up enough working space for the new app installation. 

Solutions To Insufficient Storage Available on Android 

There are lot of ways to solve the problem of insufficient storage available on your Android device.

1. Clearing Apps' Cache 

Cache are temporary files saved by an Android app for easy usage when navigating the application. Clearing apps' cache is very vital in freeing up spaces in your Android phone. 
To clear cache,  go to Settings >Application >Click on the app>Click clear cache. 
It is available to clear cache of all your Android applications at least once in two weeks. 

2. Deleted Unwanted Android app 

Try deleting installed applications that you are not using. Some Android users derive joy storing applications in their Android phone without making use of them. I see no reason why I should install apps that I would end up not making use of,  they would be occupying unnecessary space in your phone. 

3. Try Moving Application to Either SDcard or phone memory

Not all applications works perfectly in SD card or phone memory. Some apps are built in such a way that it works best in either the phone internal memory or from an SD card.  In order words, not all applications function well in the SD card. To solve such problems, download AppMgr III from Google play and use it to move those moveable apps from your internal memory to external SD card.

4. Free up Android storage

Trying moving files and applications in your Android phone memory to your SDcard. This also helps to solve problem of Insufficient storage in your Android phone. 
If you have lots of videos and images,  you may consider moving it to cloud storage. The cloud storage I recommend  are google drive, mega, dropbox and datafilehost. 

With these steps above,  you can now install Android apps in your device without getting insufficient storage error. If you consider this  article useful,  kindly share on Facebook, Google plus,  twitter and whatsapp. 
For questions regarding thos article or suitable steps to solve the problem stated above, notify using the comment box. 



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