Saturday, 30 July 2016

Samsung Galaxy S8 to concentrate on VR with UHD screen

It is said that the Galaxy S8 and S8 edge will have an UHD screen - that is 3,840 x 2,160px, contrasted with Oculus Rift's 2,160 x 1,200px (joined, 1,080 x 1,200px for each eye).

The screen of in any event the S8 edge model will be 5.5" major, which will enhance the field of perspective. It's not exactly clear if the general S8 will stay littler or match the edge in size.

There's something else entirely to VR than simply the screen - the GPU necessities unnerve even PCs (particularly in case we're tossing around words like UHD). The S8 may utilize the Snapdragon 830 chipset (however an Exynos variant is everything except certain).

Presently, there are VR-fit GPUs from AMD and Nvidia, however even the passage level ones are 150W beasts, that will never fit in a portable structure element.

Samsung bits of gossip as of now incorporate Odyssey, a standalone VR headset similar to the Rift and HTC Vive, perhaps the Galaxy S8 can likewise associate with a PC? That would be sweet, yet it's only a fantasy right now (well.. Venture Dream, right?).



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