Saturday, 23 July 2016

PayPal Shades Nigeria By Enabling Zimbabweans Receive Funds Via Their Accounts

PayPal is a platform that enables individuals and corporate bodies make fast, easy, and safe transactions all over the world. This amazing platform has been around for quite a while and a lot of people in the business world can testify to its efficiency. The only problem with this platform is its unwillingness to allow some key African countries like Nigeria and Zimbabwe have the privilege of utilizing the platform. This was so because of how these countries has been depicted outside it's walls, Nigeria for example is on the list of countries with top cyber criminals e.g. relationship scam, yahoo yahoo e.t.c.
Years back, 2014 to be precise, PayPal made a public announcement 📢 with the main aim of the world that the giant of Africa i.e. Nigeria is no longer on its blacklist, this same year, Zimbabwe was also accepted on the platform. This news was to the delight of business-minded Nigerians and their counterparts in other concerned countries, a lot of people hurriedly opened their web browsers in a bid to confirm the authenticity of the news by simply trying to register on the platform, to their amazement, the registration was a success and they were able to verify their newly opened PayPal account with their local debit cards💳 but the smile on the faces of many that are ready to start making transactions with their newly registered PayPal account soon disappeared when they discovered they can only send funds without the ability to receive. People lamented and complained but all pleas fell on deaf ears as PayPal wasn't ready to activate the feature to receive funds on Nigerian and Zimbabwean PayPal accounts.

Few days ago, PayPal released its users log which placed Nigerians in the third position of the world's mobile shopping chart📈, despite this, PayPal didn't consider enabling Nigerian PayPal accounts to receive funds from their customers worldwide instead, they chose Zimbabweans over us. 
Let us keep our fingers crossed and see where these guys are heading to because to me, they do not seem ready to allow we Nigerians receive funds into our PayPal accounts anytime soon. 

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