Sunday, 24 July 2016

New Way To Send Whatsapp Messages In Different Fonts

Whatsapp messenger is the world largest mobile chat applications used by millions of phone users around the globe. With the continuous updates and improvements from Whatsapp Messenger, there have been many new features which makes their users want to stick to them like the introduction of Whatsapp calls, new blod, underline and italics text features and lots more.
Today, I will explain how to use the new whatsapp font features to send message sto youer whatsapp friends.

Follow the follows steps to enable this new fonts features on your Whatsapp messenger;

First, launch your whatsapp messenger and open the chat room of the person to whom you want to send the message in a different font.

Now find this character [`] without brackets and click on it thrice as shown in the pic below

Once you enter the special character thrice i.e ```, you can enter the message to be sent in a different font. Now type the message and then type in three more of the special characters.

When you are done with the format of ` ` ` YourMessage ` ` `, Whatsapp will show you its formatted version. All you got to do now is hitting the Enter key and the message will be sent in the new font!

If you are unable to use the new fonts, kindly update your Whatsapp messenger to the latest version or kindly notify using the comment box.



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