Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Mtn Music Plus Is Now Blazing Unlimitedly On Android and Pc

MTN musicplus has ceased for a while now but the good news is that is finally back but works on some MTN sims. 
You can now get unlimited musicplus mb which can be powered using psiphon handler or Simple Android Server. 

How To Get MTN Musicplus Mb

Below are the steps in activating your MTN musicplus 

STEP A: For 10mb data Send "H" without quote to 5900.

STEP B: For 30mb Send "N" without quote to5900.

STEP C: For 150mb Send "K" without quoteto 5900.

To make Step A to be unlimited,

send"Cancel7h" to 5900.

To make step B to be unlimited, send"Cancel3n" without quote to 5900.

To make step C to be unlimited, send"Cancel7k" to 5900.

MUSICPLUS IS FINALLY UNLIMITED ..Send K to 5900 for musicplus mb.

Psiphon settings 

Settings for Psiphon

Tick remove port
Proxy Type: Select Real  Host or Dual Real Host
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type:  Inject
Real Proxy Server:
Real Proxy
Port: 8080

Now click SaveTunnel whole device.
Got to options,Select Region: Japan
Click on More Option
Tick connect through an HTTP Tick "use the following settings"
Host Address10.199.212.2
Port: 8080
Go back and hit on start.

And it will get connected in seconds.

Mtn psiphon

If you have any questions or you are confused,  notify using the comment box

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  1. they no reply me ooo after sending k to 5900

  2. Do I need to change the APN settings on my phone or does it work on a particular psiphon handler?


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