Monday, 25 July 2016

How to Restart Unresponsive Non Removable Android Smartphone

Before, most smartphones come with removable batteries but as technology is changing, latests top Android smartphone has non removable battery. When your smartphone hangs or malfunctions when using a removable battery, you can easily remove the battery and insert it back and put on your smartphone but that's not the same way for non-removable batteries. Sadly, numerous smartphones now accompany non-removable batteries and the question now is how to restart a non-removable battery smartphone onve it stops responding and you can't press any button on the touch screen.

Restarting An Unresponsive Android Smartphone

The best solution is to restart a smartphone once it stops responding or removing the battery but when your smartphone battery is not removable, then you are left with the only option but to restart the smartphone.

To restart/reboot yourt Android cell phone, press and hold down the Power button key and volume down key till your smatphone shuts down. It might take time like 1-5 minutes so don't panic. if it doesn't restart automatically when it shut down, then power it up back using the power button.

Will This Damage Your Files?

No; doing the above method won't wipe your smartphone data or affect the files. All your photos, videos, musics, documents, and files would still be intact.

Bear in mind that you ought to press and hold down the power button key + volume down key till your phone shuts down. If you have any questions, suggestions and contributions, notigy using the comment box.



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